Belle Teal

Book by: Ann M. Martin

Review by: Ivy

Belle Teal lives with her mom and granny, up a hill. Colored people are to attend her school. Her mom tells her to be nice to these people. Her granny usually had a saying that the negative was to eliminiated and the positive accentuated. This helps Belle during any hardships.

Darnyl, the only colored boy in fifth grade is hated by most of the students and the parents. The do disgusting things to make school uncomfortable for this boy. Vanessa Mathers is a proud new student. She behaves like a queen and dislikes Darnyl too. She boasts of having a good looking mother but later, it is realized that her mom died during the recent summer.

Miss Casser is the best teacher, according to the Belle and a few others. She really likes children and also helps Darnyl. There is going to be a Halloween party and Miss Casser announces it. Belle Teal gives her costume to Darnyl in order to make "Little Boss" (Ray Stomper) and the others mingle with him and make him feel comfortable. "Big Boss" (Mr. Stomper) treats Ray really badly. He also dislikes Darnyl. He makes up a story about Darnyl being bad when Ray hurts himself with his father's gun. Mr. Stomper claims that Darnyl is the cause.

There is going to be Christmas program. Belle Teal is going to play the role of Mary instead of proud Vanessa. Darnyl is going to play the role of a king (which annoyed most of the students) and Clarice (Belle's best friend), a narrator. Ray is part of the program but due his hurt legs he uses crutches. Mr. Stomper reports the case to the police but as Darnyl is about to be arrested, Ray tells Belle the truth and the police find out the truth. Mr. Stomper is to be arrested but the Stompers are nowhere to be found!

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