Claudia and the Great Search

Book by: Ann M. Martin
Review by: Ivy

Claudia finds herself different from everyone in her family. Janine, her big sister resembles their dad but Claud resembles no one. Janine is a genius while Claudia comes home with C's. Claud is a wild dresser and fond of jewelry. Janine is sort of nerdy-like dresser.

Claudia has the feeling of being adopted just like Emily, Kristy's sister is. They seem to have quite a lot of things in common. Claud isn't a star and neither is Emily.

Claud beings a search. She finds out that in the family's photo album, Janine has tons of pictures while she has something closer to none. There is a locked box in which money is kept in case of emergency. Claud supposes that documents to her adoption are contained in that. Claud carries a great search about this case.

She later gathers up courage to confront her parents. The truth is revealed to her. After all, she isn't an adopted child!

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