Claudia Kishi, Middle School Dropout

Book by: Ann M. Martin
Review by: Ivy

School turns out to be hell for Claudia Kishi. She simply fails in all subjects except arts. She feels the other subjects are not important. School authorities realize this and hold a meeting with her parents. They agree to take her back to seventh grade.

Claud has a hard time thinking of fun in eighth grade. An art program is set and Claud qualifies to be part of it. This brightens her up in her lousy days. Life in seventh grade isn't too bad after all. She suddenly turns into a genius. This doesn't bring her happiness a long way.

There is going to be a Halloween dance. She can't attend this since she is no more an eighth grader. This makes her so downspirited. Arts class is coming to an end with an interesting show. Claud has the best drawing and is first. This cheers her up. The art teacher makes her more lively and back to normal by some word of advice.

Seventh grade isn't bad after all!

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