Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls
Book by: Ann M. Martin
Review by: Ivy

The babysitters are facing trouble. There is this mystery about a phantom caller. He calls and without talking, hangs up. Claudia has a crush on Trevor Sandbourne, a poet. There is going to be a Halloween hop dance and Claud wants Trevor to invite her as his date. Allan Gray also has a crush on Kristy but he doesn't know how to invite her to the dance.

Due to this mysterious caller, Kristy (the president of the Babysitters Club) takes the club record book to school always so they will know who is sitting and check on the person. Allan finds this book and sees Kristy's schedule. He always calls when Kristy is babysitting but wouldn't speak. It is assumed that it is the work of the phantom caller.

Unknowingly, Trevor also has a crush on Claud but is shy to approach her. When both Kristy and Claud are babysitting, Allan sneaks into the house. The babysitters get frightened since they suppose it being the phantom caller and so they call the police. When they arrive, they find Allan instead of the mysterious caller. Allan is made to confess his crush on Kristy.

Trevor calls Claud and asks her to the dance, also confessing his like for her. Claud willingly accepts this. The real phantom caller is caught and an announcement is made. Mary Anne who was made to quit the babysitting club due to this caller is allowed back.

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