Claudia Gets Her Guy

Book by: Ann M. Martin
Review by: Ivy

Claudia Kishi has a crush on Jeremy. She feels really hurt when her best friend, Stacey goes out with him. They fight over Jeremy. Luckily, Claud hears that Stacey and Jeremy have broken up and she thinks this is her chance. There is going to be a dance at school and Claud wishes that Jeremy will be her date but he doesn't seem to take them as couples but as friends.

Things worsen when Claudia puts a note purposely for Jeremy in Ala Gray's locker. As Alan also had a crush on Claudia, he thinks that this is chance. Jeremy gets so mad at Claudia. Claud needs someone to help her out -- a true friend, but she isn't on good terms with her best friends, though they talk to each other. Claud thinks it's time she made up with her Stacey. They both promise to be best friends again. Alan suddenly changes from his old (jovial) behavior.

Claud really has an interest in Alan and agrees to go to the dance with him. She gets on better and better with him. On the day of the dance, Jeremy and Claud make up but just as friends.

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