Ancient Egypt Web Sites

Come to the reference desk at the Waltham Public Library to access more sources on Ancient Egypt.

Click here for a printable copy and a list of print sources.

Awesome Library: Ancient Egypt Page
This is a list of links, papers, and lesson plans mainly supplied by schools and teachers.

Exploring Ancient World Cultures: Egypt
Links to various sites on Ancient Egypt, courtesy of a variety of places, including museums and Egyptologists.

Life in Ancient Egypt: Carnegie Museum
This site details certain aspects of Ancient Egyptian Customs, including funeral customs and mythology. There is also a section on the role the Nile River played in the daily lives of the Egyptians.

Ancient Egypt: British Museum
This is a beautiful site, with lots of visuals and brief explanations of topics, from pharaohs to mythology to geography.

Yahooligans: Ancient Egypt
A list of various links about Ancient Egypt.

Metropolitan Museum of Art: Egypt Collection
Learn about the art of Ancient Egypt.

Egypt's Golden Empire
This site includes a time line and details of each pharaoh’s rule.

MFA Egypt Collection
See what the Boston Museum of Fine Arts has to offer about Ancient Egypt.

Smithsonian: Mummies
Smithsonian: Pyramids

These sites contain good summaries of pyramids and mummies, and includes additional lists of resources.