Letters from the Inside
by John Marsden

On the surface, Tracy and Mandy appeared to have a normal friendship. The two pen pals exchange news about their friends, school, and families. Mandy especially loves reading about Tracy's fabulous boyfriends, her wealthy father, and all of the family vacations. But, something is not quite right. Why does Tracy's mail get sent to a post office box and how come no one has ever heard of her at her school?

Written entirely in letter form, this book only gives us what each girl is willing to share about her life. Most will be able to relate to Mandy's stories about her every changing social group and Tracy's heartbreak at the death of her grandmother. What makes this book a real page turner, however, is what is going on behind each of these letters. As the book progresses, and the girls start to share, we learn more about their lives and the disturbing elements involved in each of them. While one may decide that Tracy has the most baggage, it is clearly obvious that there is something not quite right about Mandy's life, as well.

The letters are well written and sound as if they were in fact written by teenage girls. The writing is so intense that we become completely absorbed in each girl's story.

This book is perfect for those who loved P.S. Longer Letter Later by Paula Danziger and Ann M. Martin, but are craving for something a bit more sophisticated.
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