Literary Criticism Web Sites

Come to the reference desk at the Waltham Public Library to access more literary criticisms.

Click here for a printable copy and a list of print sources.

Internet Public Library: Literary Criticisms
Search for criticisms based on author, time period, or region.

Voice of the Shuttle: Literature Pages
Here are links to hundreds of sites related to literature and literary criticism.

Victorian Web: Authors
Find criticisms on select authors from the Victorian age.

Contemporary Literature
This contains links on a variety of both adult and young adult authors. You can even read interviews with select authors, such as Amy Tan and Alice Walker. This site is perfect for anyone reporting on recently published authors.

Yahoo: Literary Criticism
Here are criticism sites, divided into various categories.

Amazon.Com and Barnes and Noble
These sites, aside from providing shopping, also provide critical reviews of many contemporary books.

Literary Criticism Databases: provided by the Waltham Public Library, the Minuteman Library Network & the Metrowest Massachusetts Regional Library System
You will need to type in your library card number in order to use these.