Mary Anne vs. Logan

Book by: Ann M. Martin
Review by: Ivy

Mary Anne really loves Logan and wouldn't want to lose him but it seems Logan takes too much of her time. After her father has a private talk with her and brings this notice, Mary Anne decides to call Logan and tell him to cool down their relationship. Due to this, Mary Anne doesn't hear from Logan lately which makes her worried. Logan stopped sitting with the BSC as he used to, and passed by when he saw Mary Anne at school. This made Mary Anne more worried and sad.

Not knowing, Logan had a surprise for Mary Anne. He called during a BSC meeting and asked his girlfriend to babysit for his siblings. Since Mary Anne loved the kids, she agreed. Instead of the babysitting, Logan had a surprise for her. He had a Valentines Day gift and dinner for her. Mary Anne was overwhelmed by this. Logan started the relationship back to normal. Mary Anne still wanted to cool down but when she confronted Logan, he said he cooled down for sometime but had resumed.

Unexpectadly, Mary Anne turned out on him and returned the gift she was given for Valentine. She wants the relationship broken up!

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