Claudia and the Sad Good-Bye
Book by: Ann M. Martin
Review by: Ivy

Claudia never thought she would have to say good-bye to Mimi, her granny. Mimi had been her best friend. She had been loving, understanding, and friendly. Not until she got a stroke and became forgetful and shaky, although she could use her left hand. She felt sick and later better, quite back to normal.

Not until that fateful day when she fainted. She was rushed to the hospital and after pints of blood, she felt quite good. She had scams of pain but was well even to the extent of cracking jokes. At the hospital, she gave Claudia a call in the night. She told her of her love for her. All at once comes the day!

The following day, when Claud wakes up around 4:30 to visit the bathroom, she hears voices from her parents' room. She enters to hear the bad news. Mimi is dead! How painful. She feels she lost two heartbeats. She couldn't stand it.

Mimi had been everything. To keep her mind off Mimi, she decides to concentrate on school and her painting. She also starts teaching kids art. With this, she makes life comfortable for one of her kids, Collie. She also makes a collage for Mimi in which she includes Mimi's character. To her surprise, the kids also make a collage for Mimi. She decides to hang these in Mimi's room.

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