The Wedding Day Mystery
Book by: Carolyn Keene
Review by: Ivy

Happily Ever After, Inc: Making weddings romantic and beautiful is their business. They have four weddings. The place, "Heights House" is an old mansion and Nancy Drew is helping. She's soon doing more than serving because someone's serving a house full of shocking surprises.

The weddings turn out to be mystery of theft, sabotage and even ghosts. These are the works of just few uninvited guests turning the wedding weekend into a marriage of mystery, mischief, and danger. Grace Sayer was the inheritor of Heights House but then she owed the government a lot and so they take over the house. Since no one can afford to maintain this huge house, the government rents it out to people for weddings.

Grace Sayer and as such, plans all these thrilling events. Moreover, the last bride's ex-boyfriend wants her back and revenges. Due to Nancy, the young detective, all cases are solved.

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