Good-Bye, Middle School

Book by: Francine Pascal
Review by: Ivy

Sweet Valley Middle School is so full that after summer, half the kids in seventh and eighth grade at Secca Lake Middle School will be going to a new school -- Sweet Valley Junior High.

Identical twins Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield get worried about this. Jessica gets worried about losing her "Unicorn" friends. She wonders if she can make new friends since the Unicorns are the types who want to be popular and do not mingle with "non-Unicorns". Although Jess and Liz are identical on the outside, they are far different inside. They have different thoughts and interests.

There is a rumor that the new school is going to carry an accelerated curriculum. Liz is happy since she is a bookworm. On the other hand, Jess thinks this will be a problem. This turns out to bring quarrels between the twins. The Unicorns plan to have a camp-out party. They want to have this party because they think they might be separated at this school program. Their intention is to make it just a Unicorns' party but Jess invites the whole class. She does this because she fears she might get no friends since the Unicorns hang out alone. When she first announces this to her friends, they sort of disagree but later do.

Due to frequent quarrels and misunderstandings between the twins, two identical twins who died long ago appear to them. They tell them their stories and this makes Jess and Liz friends again. They realize how they need each other.

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