Videos in DVS format
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The Addams Family 34867002505131
Aladdin 34867002505180
Alice in Wonderland 34867002355735
Anne of Avonlea 34867002532903
Anne of Avonlea 34867002532911
Anne of Green Gables 34867002365015
Anne of Green Gables 34867002365023
Beaches 34867002505149
Beethoven 34867002355891
Beverly Hills Cop 34867002532390
Dead Poets Society 34867002355834
Fatal Attraction 34867002505172
Field of Dreams
*The DVS version does not have its own record
Ghost 34867002355842
The Godfather 34867002365049
The Godfather 34867002365031
The Hound of the Baskervilles 34867002355727
The Hunt for Red October 34867002355826
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade 34867002355669
Mary Poppins 34867002341214
One Hundred and One Dalmations
*There is no individual record for the DVS version
*The DVS version does not have its own record
Patriot Games 34867002505164
Pretty Woman 34867002341487
Raiders of the Lost Ark 34867002355875
Sister Act 34867002355818
Star Trek IV 34867002365114
Terms of Endearment 34867002355917
Three Men and a Baby 34867002341438
Top Gun 34867002532374
True Grit 34867002532382

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