Videos & DVDs
General Information
The library's extensive 7,000 title video rental collection has been established and is maintained with funds from the Friends of the Waltham Public Library. These items may be checked out for one week and cost $1.00 and are not eligible to be sent to other libraries. The self supporting collection is divided into various categories with most popular feature films in the AV room. Series films are housed in the ground floor AV Annex.

Over 3,800 non-fiction titles are inter-filed with the library's non-fiction book collection located on the second floor. A collection of college courses from the Teaching Company is also available on video and DVD.

The library now owns over 3500 movies on DVD. The DVDs are housed in the Audiovisual Department, as well as in the Periodicals Room. Patrons are encouraged to suggest purchases by filling in a form available from the AV staff or click here to suggest titles to the AV Librarian. The location of all videos and DVDs is specified in the Minuteman Library Catalog.
Foreign Films
The Waltham Public Library has an extensive collection of over 1,000 foreign films on video or DVD, done by some of the finest, most celebrated new directors in film today. Titles range from old classics like 'Les Enfants du Paradis' to more recent films like 'The Motorcycle Diaries'. All videos are subtitled and many have been digitally re-mastered with easy to read yellow lettering. All foreign language films are presented in their original languages. The films are organized by language for easy browsing.
DVS - A Special Video Collection for the Visually Impaired
The Audiovisual Department of the Waltham Public Library has a special video collection of feature and special interest films that were purchased by a grant given to the library from the Waltham Lion's Club. This video collection, generally called "DVS Videos" is produced by WGBH for visually impaired people. DVS provides narrated descriptions of a movie's key visual elements without interfering with the dialogue of the film. The movies are free of charge.

Click here for a list of the movies available in DVS format.
Series Films
A collection of television series, mini-series, silent films, Shakespeare performances, and other multi-piece films is housed in the AV Annex on the ground floor. Although the majority of these videos are on VHS, more titles are starting to become available on DVD. These items may be checked out for one week and cost $1.00.
Teacher Video Coupon
The Friends of the Waltham Public Library provides special free video/DVD coupons for teachers in the Waltham school system. The coupons are available at the AV and Children's Room desks. To qualify, a teacher must work at a public or private school in Waltham and use the video in the classroom for a curriculum-related purpose.

For more information, please call 781-314-3425 and press 5 for Audiovisual Department.