Alexandra Fuller, Don’t Let’s Go To the Dogs Tonight: 3/18/2010

Alexandra FullerFuller has done an amazing job of writing candidly and lovingly about her childhood in rural Rhodesia. Readers came away with an appreciation for the skill and independence of the white ranching family and the wonderful adventures of her childhood, while the searing racism, violence and squalor of the situation stayed in clear focus all along.

Her connection to the land comes through in gorgeous descriptions of the sights, sounds and smells of her childhood home.  Fuller managed to convey the best and the worst of her parents and sister, with mind-boggling subtlety and clarity.  Our group commented on the portrayal of such unorthodox parenting, alcohol abuse and the disturbing state of race relations.  Fuller managed to write with humor and matter-of-fact compassion for individuals, even while clearly describing a situation fraught with tragedy and brutality.