Digging to America by Anne Tyler: 1/8/09

Digging To America Digging to America

by Anne Tyler

All agreed this is a fast read with many rich themes. Many of us wished those themes had been developed more thoroughly. We did find writing to admire: descriptions of Susan and Jin-Ho as they grew (apart); the exaggerated behaviors of the two families from different cultures, and Maryam’s heartbreaking aloofness. Yet most of us wanted more depth.

That the friendship between the two families endured at all was not believable to some. The question of Connie’s sudden disappearance came up more than once. We all tired of Arrival Day, but read on, hoping for some compelling dramatic conflict to appear and be resolved.

One of our most soft-spoken members apologetically declared Digging to America “a dud,” but highly recommends Tyler’s Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant.

Anne Tyler
Anne Tyler
Anne Tyler New York Times Book Review on

Digging to America

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