Ann Patchett, Run: 1/21/10

Ann Patchett, runWe had a lively discussion.

“I was disappointed in Run.  I didn’t find it particularly compelling.  None of the characters drew me in.  It’s nice that the book takes place in Boston, but so what?”

“I thought the book was sappy.  I did not finish.  Mount Auburn Street is not Mount Auburn Drive.  I thought the book was poorly written and the vocabulary was elementary.”

“This is mush…People will come out of this book thinking that Catholics worship statues.  Kenya and her mother, Tennessee, touched me.  I was sorry when the mother died.”

“I can’t believe that this is the same person who wrote Bel Canto.

“I liked this book.  This may be because, after finishing 1,000 Splendid Suns, anything is better.  I did not like the conversation with the dead friend.”

“I found the book very boring and only finished it because the book club was coming up.”

“I loved Bel Canto.  It was one of my favorite books.  I eagerly went to Run and was extremely disappointed.”

“I have a degree in English.  I was wondering what compelled her to write this book.  Was the fish theme related to Jesus and the loaves and fishes?  The book seemed to try to achieve depths that it never quite managed”.

“Maybe this book was meant for a high school audience.  It seemed to be aimed more at women then at men.  Men want to see a central character and a central theme.  Tip’s accident seemed contrived.  Why would he go out into that weather when he was already injured?”

“I liked this book.  I wasn’t looking for fine literature.  I found myself liking the characters.  When Doyle gave Kenya the statue, I was horrified.”

“I thought Doyle held up well when Bernadette died.  The wife was the one who wanted more kids but he took his responsibilities as a father seriously.”

“If you have a priest it’s like God Almighty is in your house.”

“I was offended by the attempt to write about Harvard and not check your facts.  I thought it was lightweight.”

“Tip was a cold fish.”