Don DeLillo, White Noise: 9/16/2010

White Noise
DeLillo’s book won’t win a popularity contest with our group, but it sure got   people talking.  I’d say there was general agreement that the characters and dialogue are shallow and off-putting, but readers’ reactions to the style ranged from bemusement to repulsion.  Although reams of academic articles have been written about it, many of us found White Noise pretentious and sophomoric.  Maybe that’s how DeLillo sees our society… On the plus side, originally published in 1985, the novel seems surprisingly up-to-date, capturing the pervasiveness of advertising and technology that’s so familiar today.  And the humorous bits charmed some of us. The youngest and newest member of the book group spoke articulately about the realism she sees in the story.  She found inspiration in the themes of fear and denial, and excitement in the challenge of reading a difficult yet rewarding work.