This Week’s Best Seller Lists — January 25, 2015

Here are the best seller lists for the week of January 25, 2015.

Snow Daze

For those of you sick of constant coverage of “Deflategate“, you are in luck. A major blizzard is heading our way, reportedly dropping from 2 to 3 feet of snow, and taking over coverage in the media. So, instead of “Deflategate“, be prepared for “Blizzard 2015“.
Here is what you need to know:

The Waltham Public Library: The library will be closing today (Monday, January 26) at 5:00 pm and will be closed all day tomorrow (Tuesday, January 27). Please check our website or call us (781-314-3425) to inquire about our Wednesday hours.

Parking Ban (Snow Emergency): There is a declared snow emergency for 6:00 pm this evening. This means there is no street parking after 6 pm. City and school lots will be available for use after 4:30 pm.

Travel Ban: Governor Charlie Baker has declared a statewide travel ban on the roads as of 12:00 midnight (tonight, Monday, January 26). The MBTA is suspending all service on Tuesday, January 27.

Emergency Shelter: An emergency shelter will be available at the Bright School on the corner of Bright and Grove Streets. The shelter will be open at 7 pm (on Monday, January 26).

Waltham Public Schools: The Waltham Public Schools will be closed on Tuesday, January 27.

Important Numbers:
(Thanks to the City of Waltham Winter Weather Center for a lot of this information)

Live Wires Down, Flooding, or Road Blocked: 911
Snow Plow/Ice Related Issue: CPW, 781-314-3855
Towed Vehicles: Non-emergency Police, 781-314-3600
School Closings: Waltham Public Schools, 781-314-5440
Statewide Non-Emergency and Shelter Services: 211, provided by the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency and the Council of Massachusetts United Ways

What to Watch, Read, Listen: In case you don’t make it to the library before we close, you still have options for reading books, watching movies or television shows, or listening to music through one of our online subscriptions:

  • Download an e-book, an audio book, or stream a movie through our subscription to Overdrive.
  • Stream a movie, a television show, or music through our subscription to Hoopla. Guaranteed availability of all titles!
  • Download a free song for your Ipod or computer through our subscription to Freegal.
  • Learn a new language through our subscription to Mango Languages.
  • Research your family tree through our subscription to Heritage Quest.

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This Week’s Best Seller Lists — January 4, 2015

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This Week’s Best Seller Lists — December 21, 2014

Here are the best seller lists for the week of December 21, 2014.

Norman Bridwell, 1928-2014

To learn more about the author of the “Clifford the Big Red Dog” books click here. Below is a list of the Norman Bridwell materials that the library owns. Click on the title to see whether the item is available and/or to request the item.

Clifford, the big red dog

Clifford, the small red puppy

Clifford and the big storm

Clifford and the dinosaurs

Clifford and the grouchy neighbors

Clifford at the circus

Clifford collection

Clifford el gran perro colorado

Clifford el perro bombero

Clifford gets a job

Clifford goes to Hollywood

Clifford keeps cool

Clifford makes a friend

Clifford shares

Clifford the champion

Clifford the firehouse dog

Clifford visits the zoo

Clifford y la hora de dormir = Clifford’s bedtime

Clifford’s best friend : a story about Emily Elizabeth

Clifford’s birthday party

Clifford’s busy week

Clifford’s Christmas

Clifford’s family

Clifford’s first autumn

Clifford’s first Christmas

Clifford’s first Christmas

Clifford’s first Easter

Clifford’s first Halloween

Clifford’s first school day

Clifford’s first snow day

Clifford’s first Valentine’s Day

Clifford’s good deeds

Clifford’s Halloween

Clifford’s happy Easter

Clifford’s happy Mother’s Day

Clifford’s hiccups

Clifford’s kitten

Clifford’s pals

Clifford’s puppy days

Clifford’s sports day

Clifford’s Thanksgiving visit

Clifford’s Thanksgiving visit

Clifford’s tricks

Clifford’s word book

Count on Clifford

La familia de Clifford

Norman Bridwell

(Clifford the Big Red Dog) Phonics fun : reading program, pack 1

El primer San Valentín de Clifford

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NEW Teaching Company Titles!

Hey there, Teaching Company Fans!

There are some new releases in our collection here at Waltham Public Library!

You can find the collection in Row 11 of the AV Annex on the ground floor. Come on in and browse or click a link on a title below to place a request.

36 Big Ideas (Audio)
36 Revolutionary Figures of History (Audio)
Experiencing America: A Smithsonian Tour Through American History (DVD)
How Ideas Spread (Audio)
Medical School for Everyone (Audio)
Science of Mindfulness (Audio)
Scientific Secrets for Raising Kids Who Thrive (Audio) OR (DVD)
Understanding Modern Electronics (DVD)
The World Was Never the Same (Audio) OR (DVD)
Yoga for a Healthy Mind & Body(DVD)

In case you haven’t heard of the Teaching Company, it’s a publisher of courses with the world’s most engaging professors and their profound insights. You can learn from these professors’ audio or video courses where you want to, when you want to, and how you want to. The extensive collection contains more than 390 Great Courses in diverse subjects and fields including history, science, philosophy, mathematics, literature, economics, and the arts.

Happy Lifelong Learning!


This Week’s Best Seller Lists — November 30, 2014

Here are the best seller lists for the week of November 30, 2014.

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