Meditation Books
at the Waltham Public Library

Call number Author Title
158.1 Oates Oates, Bob. Celebrating the dawn : Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and the TM technique /
158.1 Russell Russell, Peter, The TM technique : an introduction to transcendental meditation and the teachings of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi /
158.1 Widdowson Widdowson, Rosalind. The beginner's guide to mind, body & spirit /
158.12 Adair Adair, Margo, Working inside out /
158.12 Bair Bair, Puran. Living from the heart : heart rhythm meditation for energy, clarity, peace, joy, and inner power /
158.12 Barnes Barnes, Martina Glasscock. The meditation doctor : a practical approach to healing common ailments through meditation /
158.12 Bennett-Goleman Bennett-Goleman, Tara. Emotional alchemy : how the mind can heal the heart /
158.12 Bodian Bodian, Stephan. Meditation for dummies /
158.12 Bodian Bodian, Stephan. Meditation for dummies /
158.12 Brantley Brantley, Jeffrey. Five good minutes in the evening : 100 mindful practices to help you unwind from the day & make the most of your night /
158.12 Breath Breath sweeps mind : a first guide to meditation practice /
158.12 Breath Breath sweeps mind : a first guide to meditation practice /
158.12 Budilovsky Budilovsky, Joan. The complete idiot's guide to meditation /
158.12 Butler-Ross Butler-Ross, Nancy. Meditation express : stress relief in 60 seconds flat /
158.12 Cunningham Cunningham, Nancy Brady, Snow melting in a silver bowl : a book of active meditations /
158.12 Davich Davich, Victor N., 8 minute meditation : quiet your mind, change your life /
158.12 Fontana Fontana, David. Learn to meditate : a practical guide to self-discovery and fulfillment /
158.12 Fowler Fowler, George, Learning to dance inside : getting to the heart of meditation /
158.12 Gawler Gawler, Ian. Peace of mind : how you can learn to meditate and use the power of your mind /
158.12 Gyatso Kelsang Gyatso, The new meditation handbook : meditations to make our life happy and meaningful /
158.12 Hewitt Hewitt, James, Meditation /
158.12 Jarmey Jarmey, Chris. The book of meditation : practical ways to health and healing /
158.12 Johnson Johnson, Will, The posture of meditation : a practical manual for meditators of all traditions /
158.12 Kabat-Zinn Kabat-Zinn, Jon. Wherever you go, there you are : mindfulness meditation in everyday life /
158.12 Kabat-Zinn Kabat-Zinn, Jon. Wherever you go, there you are : mindfulness meditation in everyday life /
158.12 Kabat-Zinn Kabat-Zinn, Jon. Coming to our senses : healing ourselves and the world through mindfulness /
158.12 Kabat-Zinn Kabat-Zinn, Jon. Arriving at your own door : 108 lessons in mindfulness.
158.12 Kaplan Kaplan, Aryeh, Jewish meditation : a practical guide /
158.12 Khalsa Khalsa, Dharma Singh. Meditation as medicine : activate the power of your natural healing force /
158.12 Khalsa Khalsa, Hari Kaur. A woman's book of meditation : discovering the power of a peaceful mind /
158.12 Krishnamurti Krishnamurti, J. This light in oneself : true meditation /
158.12 LeShan LeShan, Lawrence L., How to meditate : a guide to self-discovery /
158.12 Levey Levey, Joel. The fine arts of relaxation, concentration & meditation : ancient skills for modern minds /
158.12 Loori Loori, John Daido. Finding the still point : a beginner's guide to Zen meditation /
158.12 Lorenzo-Fuentes Lorenzo Fuentes, José, Meditation : practice and application /
158.12 Monaghan Monaghan, Patricia. Meditation--the complete guide : more than 35 practices for everyone from the beginner to the healing professional /
158.12 Nha Nhất Hạnh, The blooming of a lotus : guided meditation for achieving the miracle of mindfulness /
158.12 Norris Norris, Gunilla Brodde, Inviting silence : universal principles of meditation /
158.12 Ozaniec Ozaniec, Naomi. Meditation /
158.12 Renssen/Spanish Renssen, Mariëlle, Meditación y relajación : [relaje cuerpo y mente] /
158.12 Roche Roche, Lorin. Meditation made easy /
158.12 Roche Roche, Lorin. Whole body meditations : igniting your natural instinct to heal /
158.12 Rodenbeck Rodenbeck, Christina. Meditation to go : learn to relax, de-stress, find peace of mind /
158.12 Roth Roth, Robert, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's transcendental meditation /
158.12 Simpkins Simpkins, C. Alexander. Principles of meditation : Eastern wisdom for the Western mind /
158.12 Weiss Weiss, Andrew. Beginning mindfulness : learning the way of awareness : a ten-week course /
181.45 Marcus Marcus, Jay B. Success from within : discovering the inner state that creates personal fulfillment and business success /
242 Talbot Talbot, John Michael. Come to the quiet : the principles of Christian meditation /
242.74 Wills Wills, Garry, The Rosary : prayer comes round /
248.4 Finley Finley, James. Christian meditation : experiencing the presence of God /
291.4 Rosenberg Rosenberg, Larry. Breath by breath : the liberating practice of insight meditation /
291.43 Dyer Dyer, Wayne W. Getting in the gap : making conscious contact with God through meditation /
291.446 Baldwin Baldwin, Christina. Life's companion : journal writing as a spiritual quest /
294.3 Aronson Aronson, Harvey B. Buddhist practice on Western ground : reconciling Eastern ideals and Western psychology /
294.3 Chihi Zhiyi, Stopping and seeing : a comprehensive course in Buddhist meditaion /
294.3 Joyful Joyful mind : a practical guide to Buddhist meditation /
294.3 Lerner Lerner, Eric. Journey of insight meditation : a personal experience of the Buddha's way /
294.3 Piver Piver, Susan, How not to be afraid of your own life : opening your heart to confidence, intimacy, and joy /
294.3 Sakyong Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, Turning the mind into an ally /
294.3 Weisman Weisman, Arinna. The beginner's guide to insight meditation /
294.363 Nairn Nairn, Rob. What is meditation? : Buddhism for everyone /
294.3923 Chodron Chödrön, Pema. Comfortable with uncertainty : 108 teachings /
294.3927 Buksbazen Buksbazen, John Daishin, Zen meditation in plain English /
294.5 Bloomfield Bloomfield, Harold H., TM*: discovering inner energy and overcoming stress
294.5346 Adiswarananda Adiswarananda, Swami, Vedanta meditation & its practices : a definitive guide to techniques and traditions of meditation in Yoga and Vedanta /
294.544 Chinmoy Chinmoy, Sri, The wings of joy : finding your path to inner peace /
296.712 Shainberg Shainberg, Catherine. Kabbalah and the power of dreaming : awakening the visionary life /
296.712 Weiss Weiss, Abner. Connecting to God : ancient kabbalah and modern psychology /
299.93 Saradananda Saradananda, Chakra meditation : discover energy, creativity, focus, love, communication, wisdom and spirit /
362.292 Alexander Alexander, Bill. Cool water : alcoholism, mindfulness, and ordinary recovery /
613 Chopra Chopra, Deepak. Return of the rishi : a doctor's search for the ultimate healer /
615.5 Wills Wills, Pauline. Visualisation.
616.85 Brantley Brantley, Jeffrey. Calming your anxious mind : how mindfulness and compassion can free you from anxiety, fear, and panic /
616.86 Bien Bien, Thomas. Mindful recovery : a spiritual path to healing from addiction /
616.8914 Epstein Epstein, Mark, Thoughts without a thinker : psychotherapy from a Buddhist perspective /
618.24 Chopra Chopra, Deepak. Magical beginnings, enchanted lives : a holistic guide to pregnancy and childbirth /
649.1 Kabat-Zinn Kabat-Zinn, Myla, Everyday blessings : the inner work of mindful parenting /
700.952 Davey Davey, H. E. Living the Japanese arts & ways : 45 paths to meditation & beauty /
781.662 BEATLES/Saltzman Saltzman, Paul. The Beatles in Rīshikesh /
B/Chopra, D./Chopra Chopra, Deepak. Return of the rishi : a doctor's search for the ultimate healer /
CD/Classical/D Dreams & magic [sound recording] : meeting angels through sound & music.
CD/Classical/M Meditations at sunset [sound recording].
CD/Classical/S Serene spirit [sound recording] : divine harmonies for mind and soul.
CD/New Age/B Bennett, Brian Scott. A.M. yoga melodies [sound recording] : [morning music for yoga & energy] /
CD/New Age/B Bennett, Brian Scott. P.M. yoga melodies [sound recording] : evening music for yoga & relaxation /
CD/New Age/F For Yoga [sound recording]
CD/New Age/L Lee, Riley, Satori [sound recording] /
CD/New Age/M Nakkach, Silvia. Music meditition [sound recording] : unwind /
CD/New Age/M Bennet, Brian Scott. Music meditation [sound recording] : awaken /
CD/New Age/S Scott, Tony. Music for yoga meditation and other joys [sound recording] /
CD/New Age/W Women's yoga chants [sound recording].
CD/New Age/Y Yoga zone [sound recording] : music for meditation.
DVD/158.12 Mindfulness & meditation. Stress reduction. Mindful parenting [videorecording] /
DVD/158.12 Meditation for beginners [videorecording] /
DVD/248.4 Be still [videorecording] : and know that I am God.
DVD/248.4 Be still [videorecording] : and know that I am God.
[EXERCISE] DVD/613.7046 YOGA Shiva Rea [videorecording] : Yoga trance dance /
DVD/613.7046 YOGA Fluid power [videorecording] : Vinyasa flow yoga /
DVD/796.8152 Budokon [videorecording] : beginning practice /
j158 Lesh Lesh, Terry. Meditation for young people /
j204 Gold Gold, August, Does God hear my prayer? /
Spk.Cass/155.9 Kabat-Zinn Kabat-Zinn, Jon. Mindfulness meditation workshop [sound recording] /
Spk.Cass/158.12 Effective Effective meditations for health and healing [sound recording]
Spk.Cass/158.12 King, P King, Petrea. Learning to meditate [sound recording] /
Spk.Cass/158.12 Mantell Your present [sound recording] : a half-hour of peace /
Spk.Cass/158.12 Walters Walters, J. Donald. Meditation [sound recording] : what it is & how to do it /
Spk.Cass/158.12/Cohen Cohen, Ken, Chi kung meditations [sound recording] : Taoist inner healing exercises /
Spk.Cass/158.12/ROCHE Roche, Lorin. Meditation made easy [sound recording] /
Spk.Cass/294.3443 Kornfield Kornfield, Jack, Meditations of the heart [sound recording] /
Spk.Cass/615.5 Cohen Cohen, Ken, The way of Qigong [sound recording] /
Spk.CD/133.9 Brown, S. Browne, Sylvia. Sylvia Browne's tools for life [sound recording].
Spk.CD/158.1 Huber Huber, Cheri. Unconditional self-acceptance [sound recording] /
Spk.CD/158.12 Allen Allen, Mark, Stress reduction & creative meditations [sound recording] /
Spk.CD/158.12 Charles Charles, OM [sound recording] : the reverberation of source : alpha level high-tech meditation /
Spk.CD/158.12 Chodron Chödrön, Pema. How to meditate [sound recording] : [a practical guide to making friends with your mind] /
Spk.CD/158.12 Chodron Chödrön, Pema. Pema Chödrön audio collection [sound recording].
Spk.CD/158.12 Gawain Gawain, Shakti, Meditations [sound recording] /
Spk.CD/158.12 Kabat-Zin Kabat-Zinn, Jon. Guided mindfulness meditation [sound recording] /
Spk.CD/158.12 Kabat-Zinn Kabat-Zinn, Jon. Pebbles and pearls [sound recording] /
Spk.CD/158.12 Kabat-Zinn Kabat-Zinn, Jon. Coming to our senses [sound recording] : [healing ourselves and the world through mindfulness] /
Spk.CD/158.12 Kabat-Zinn Kabat-Zinn, Jon. Mindfulness for beginners [sound recording] /
Spk.CD/158.12 Kornfield Kornfield, Jack, Guided meditation [sound recording] : six essential practices to cultivate love, awareness, and wisdom /
Spk.CD/158.12 Kornfield Kornfield, Jack, Meditation for beginners [sound recording] /
Spk.CD/158.12 Maddox Maddux, Mary. The ease of being [sound recording] /
Spk.CD/158.12 Mantell Your present [sound recording] : a half-hour of peace /
Spk.CD/158.12 Maritza P.M. meditation [sound recording] /
Spk.CD/158.12 O'Connor O'Connor, Richard F. X. Personal meditations [sound recording] /
Spk.CD/158.12 Redfield Redfield, Salle Merrill. The joy of meditating [sound recording] : a beginner's guide to the art of meditation /
Spk.CD/158.12 Siegel Siegel, Bernie S. Meditations for morning and evening [sound recording] /
Spk.CD/158.12 Siegel Siegel, Bernie S. Meditations for peace of mind [sound recording] : [relax and appreciate your uniqueness] /
Spk.CD/158.12 Siegel Siegel, Bernie S. Meditations for enhancing your immune system [sound recording] /
Spk.CD/158.12 Thompson Alpha relaxation system [sound recording] /
Spk.CD/158.12 Thornton Thornton, Mark. Meditation in a New York minute [sound recording] : [super calm for the super busy] /
Spk.CD/158.12 Yee Yee, Rodney. Relaxation & breathing for meditation [sound recording] /
Spk.CD/200.211 Wilber Wilber, Ken. The one two three of God [sound recording] /
Spk.CD/242 Goleman Goleman, Daniel. The art of meditation [sound recording] /
Spk.CD/294.3 Kornfield Kornfield, Jack, Buddhist meditation for beginners [sound recording] /
Spk.CD/306.7 Brennan Brennan, Tricia. Attracting love [sound recording] /
Spk.CD/394.3 Chodron Chödrön, Pema. True happiness [sound recording] : [cultivating a life of unconditional joy and the power to benefit others] /
Spk.CD/613.85 Quit Quit smoking [sound recording] : you can do it.
Spk.CD/615.852 Simpson Simpson, Savitri, Chakras for starters [sound recording] : [unlock the hidden doors to peace & well-being] /
Spk.CD/658.4 Carroll Carroll, Michael, The mindful leader [sound recording] : ten principles for bringing out the best in ourselves and others /
Video/153 Explorations into consciousness [videorecording] : an interview with Deepak Chopra /
Video/158.12 Novak, John Meditation therapy for stress and change [videorecording] /