A Rainbow of Colors...

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Picture Books Featuring Colors

Author Title Call Number
Baker, Alan White Rabbit's Color Book E Pbk/B
Blackstone, Stella Can You See The Red Balloon? E Toddler Bks/B
Burton, Katherine and Kim Fernandes One Gray Mouse E Toddler Bks/B
Carle, Eric The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse E Picture Bks/C
Carle, Eric Hello, Red Fox E Picture Bks/C
Carle, Eric The Mixed-Up Chameleon E Picture Bks/C
Catalanotto, Peter Kitten Red, Yellow, Blue E Toddler Bks/C
Dodd, Emma Dog's Colorful Day: A Messy Story About Colors And Counting E Picture Bks/D
Ficocelli, Elizabeth Kid Tea E Picture Bks/F
Glaser, Linda It's Fall! E Picture Bks/G
Guback, Georgia Luka's Quilt E Picture Bks/G
Hamanaka, Sheila All The Colors Of The Earth E Picture Bks/H
Harshman, Marc and Cheryl Ryan Red Are The Apples E Picture Bks/H
Jay, Alison Red Green Blue: A First Book of Colors E Picture Bks/J
Jonas, Ann Color Dance E Picture Bks/J
Knapp, Amy The Color Of Noodles E Picture Bks/K
Leuck, Laura The Teeny Tiny Mouse E Picture Bks/L
Lillegard, Dee Balloons, Balloons, Balloons E Toddler Bks/L
Lionni, Leo Little Blue and Little Yellow E Picture Bks/L
London, Jonathan A Truck Goes Rattley-Bumpa E Picture Bks/L
Martin, Bill, Jr. and Steven Kellogg A Beasty Story E Picture Bks/M
McCue, Lisa Quiet Bunny's Many Colors E Picture Bks/M
Mckee, David Elmer E Picture Bks/M
Mitchell, Rhonda The Talking Cloth E Picture Bks/M
Reed, Lynn Rowe Color Chaos! E Picture Bks/R
Shannon, George White Is For Blueberry E Picture Bks/S
Sidman, Joyce Red Sings from Treetops: A Year in Colors E Picture Bks/S
Slater, Dashka Baby Shoes E Toddler Bks/S
Spinelli, Eileen If You Want To Find Golden E Picture Bks/S
Strom, Maria Diaz Rainbow Joe And Me E Picture Bks/S
Tashiro, Chisato Chameleon's Colors E Picture Bks/T
Thong, Roseanne Red Is A Dragon: A Book Of Colors E Picture Bks/T
Van Fleet, Mara Little Color Fairies E Toddler Bks/V
Walsh, Ellen Stoll Mouse Magic E Picture Bks/W
Walsh, Ellen Stoll Mouse Paint E Pbk/W
Wells, Rosemary Night Sounds, Morning Colors E Picture Bks/W
Williams, Sue I Went Walking E Toddler Bks/W
Wood, Audrey The Deep Blue Sea: A Book Of Colors E Picture Bks/
Young, Justin A Most Vivid Day! E Picture Bks/Y

***List compiled by Lisa Aucoin of the Waltham Public Library***