Books about Critters on the Farm

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Storybooks for Young Farmers

Author Title Call Number
Amery, Heather Farmyard Tales Storybook E Picture Bks/A
Baddiel, Ivor Cock-a-Doodle Quack! Quack! E Picture Bks/B
Baker, Alan Little Rabbit's First Farm Book E Picture Bks/B
Beck, Scott A Mud Pie for Mother E Picture Bks/B
Berenstain, Stan & Jan The Berenstain Bears Down on the Farm ER Pbk/B/Green
Chaconas, Dori Coriander: The Contrary Hen E Picture Bks/C
Cronin, Dorin Diary of a Worm E Picture Bks/C
Harrington, Janice The Chicken-Chasing Queen of Lamar County E Picture Bks/H
Harrison, David Piggy Wiglet E Picture Bks/H
Himmelman, John Chickens to the Rescue E Picture Bks/H
Hurd, Thacher Moo Cow Kaboom E Picture Bks/H
McGee, Marni The Noisy Farm E Picture Bks/M
McPhail, David Those Can-Do Pigs E Picture Bks/M
Milgrim, David Young MacDonald E Picture Bks/M
Ormerod, Jan Ms. MacDonald Has a Class E Picture Bks/O
Palatini, Margie Oink? E Picture Bks/P
Pictures by Ilse Plume The Farmer in the Dell E Picture Bks/Little
Rankin, Joan Wow! It's Great Being a Duck E Picture Bks/R
Tafuri, Nancy This is the Farmer E Toddler Bks/T

Facts about Critters on the Farm

Bare, Colleen Stanley Love a Llama j636.2 Bare
Bishop, Nic Backyard Detective: Critters up Close j591.75 Bishop
Chappell, Rachel What's Going on in the Compost Pile j631.875 Chappell
Gordon, Tom See How They Grow [videorecording] Farm Animals
j Video/j636
Howell, Catherine Backyard Wilderness j590 Howell
Kaizuki, Kiyonori A Calf is Born j636.2 Kaizuki
Morgan, Sally Down on the Farm: Ducks j636.59 Morgan
Morgan, Sally Down on the Farm: Goats j636.39 Morgan
Pancella, Peggy Farm Community
E Picture Bks/Nonfic Purple
Parker, Victoria Life as a Chicken
E Picture Bks/Nonfic Red
Pfeffer, Wendy A Log's Life j574.526 Pfeffer
Ray, Hannah Down on the Farm: Chickens
j636.5 Ray
Ray, Hannah Down on the Farm: Cows
j636.214 Ray
Ray, Hannah Down on the Farm: Sheep
j636.3 Ray
Ready, Dee Farmers
E Picture Bks/Nonfic Purple
Ross, Kathy Crafts for Kids Who Are Learning about Farm Animals J745.5 Ross
Sanchez, Isidro Discovering Nature: The Farm E Picture Bks/Nonfic Purple
Sweeney, Alyse Let's Visit a Dairy Farm E Picture Bks/Nonfic
Wolfman, Judy Life on a Horse Farm j636.12 Wolfman
Wolfman, Judy Life on a Pig Farm j636.4 Wolfman

***List compiled by Stefanie Aucoin of the Waltham Public Library & Paula Jordan of the Waltham Fields Community Farm