Books on Food and Nutrition

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Stories for Young Ones

Author Title Call Number
Carle, Eric The Very Hungry Caterpillar E Picture Bks/C
Holub,Joan The Pizza That We Made E Easy Reader/H/yellow
Sharmat, Mitchell Gregory,the Terrible Eater E Picture Bks/S
Weeks, Sarah Two Eggs, Please E Picture Bks/W
Wells, Rosemary The Gulps E Picture Bks/W

Facts About Food for Young Ones

(Sesame Street) Healthy Foods Happy Healthy Monsters PTC/Health/E Picture Bks
Frost, Helen Eating Right E Picture Bks/Nonfic Brown
Frost, Helen The Fruit Group
E Picture Bks/Nonfic
Frost, Helen The Vegetable Group E Picture Bks/Nonfic Brown
Frost, Helen The Meat and Protein Group E Picture Bks/Nonfic Brown
Green, Emily K. The New Food Guide Pyramid: Oils E Picture Bks/Nonfic Brown
Green, Emily K. The New Food Guide Pyramid: Vegetables E Picture Bks/Nonfic
Green, Emily K. The New Food Guide Pyramid: Meat and Beans
E Picture Bks/Nonfic Brown
Illsley, Linda Cheese
j641.373 Illsley
Leedy, Loreen The Edible Pyramid j613.2 Leedy
Llewellyn, Claire Healthy Eating
Nottridge, Rhoda Apples
j641.341 Nottridge
Scott, Janine The Food Pyramid
E Picture Bks/Nonfic
Suhr, Mandy When I Eat
E Picture Bks/Nonfic Brown
Taylor-Butler, Christine The Food Pyramid
j641.3 Taylor-Butler

For the Parents: How to Make Nutritious Meals and More...

Barnes, Lisa Cooking for Baby: Wholesome, Homemade, Delicious Foods for 6 to 18 Months
PTC/New Babies/j641.56
Behnke, Alison Vegetarian Cooking around the World
j641.563 Behnke
Damico, Joan The Healthy Body Cookbook
j641.512 Damico
Fraker, Cheri Food Chaining: the Proven 6-Step Plan to Stop Picky Eating, Solve Feeding Problems, and Expand Your Child's Diet PTC/Health/j649.3
Geil, Patti Bazel Cooking up Fun for Kids with Diabetes
Hodges, Susan Healthy Snacks: Low Fat, Low Sugar, Low Sodium
Ichord, Loretta Frances Pasta, Fried Rice, and Matzoh Balls: Immigrant Cooking in America
j641.597 Ichord
King, Hazel Carbohydrates for a Healthy Body
j612.396 King
Ray, Rachael Cooking Rocks! 30 Minute Meals for Kids
j641.5 Ray
Sanderson, Sheri L. Incredible Edible Gluten-Free Food for Kids: 150 Family-Tested Recipes
Zinczenko, David Eat This Not That for Kids: Be the Leanest, Fittest Family on the Block
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