Going to Kindergarten

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Books for Kids

Author Title Call Number
Buzzeo, Toni Adventure Annie Goes to Kindergarten E Picture Bks/B
Carlson, Nancy Look Out, Kindergarten, Here I Come! E Picture Pbks/C
Carlson, Nancy Preparate, Kindergarten, Alla Voy! j468 Carlson
Cazet, Denys Born in the Gravy E Picture Bks/C
Davis, Katie I'm Telling you, Dex, Kindergarten Rocks! E Picture Bks/D
Harper, Jessica A Place Called Kindergarten E Picture Bks/H
Hayes, Anna Jane Kindergarten Countdown E Picture Bks/H
Howe, James When You Go to Kindergarten E Picture Bks/H
Johnston, Tony Off to Kindergarten E Picture Bks/J
Langreuter, Jutta Little Bear Goes to Kindergarten E Picture Bks/L
LeapPad Smart Guide to Kindergarten: Master Fundamental Skills [electronic resource] jLeapPad Game #24
Lewis, J. Patrick Kindergarten Cat E Picture Bks/L
Martin, Ann M. Rachel Parker, Kindergarten Show-Off E Pbk/M
McGhee, Alison Countdown to Kindergarten E Picture Bks/M
McMahon, Patricia Listen for the Bus: David's Story j419 Braille
Munsch, Robert We Share Everything E Picture Bks/M
Penn, Audrey The Kissing Hand E Picture Bks/P
Portis, Antoinette Kindergarten Diary E Picture Bks/P
Rockwell, Anne F. Welcome to Kindergarten E Picture Bks/R
Rogers, Jacqueline Tiptoe into Kindergarten E Picture Bks/R
Ruhmann, Karl Who Will Go to School Today E Picture Bks/R
Schwartz, Amy Annabelle Swift, Kindergartner E Pbk/S and E/Bk.CD Pkg/S
Senisi, Ellen B. Kindergarten Kids E Pbks/S
Serfozo, Mary Benjamin Bigfoot E Picture Bks/S
Skarmeas, Nancy My First Day of School E Picture Bks/S
Slate, Joseph Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten E Picture Bks/S
Smalls, Irene Beginning School E Picture Bks/S
Vernick, Audrey Is Your Buffalo Ready for Kindergarten E Picture Bks/V
Wells, Rosemary Discover and Explore: Get Set for Kindergarten E Picture Bks/W
Wells, Rosemary Letters and Sounds: Get Set for Kindergarten E Picture Books/W
Wild, Margaret Tom Goes to Kindergarten E Picture Bks/W

Books for Parents

Author Title Call Number
Hauser, Jill F. Kindergarten Success: Helping Children Excel Right from the Start PTC/Teaching at Home/j372.218
Hirsch, E.D. What Your Kindergartner Needs to Know PTC/Teaching/Home/j372
Kaye, Peggy Games for Learning : ten minutes a day to help your child do well in school,from kindergarten to third grade PTC/Play/j372.13
Marzollo, Jean The New Kindergarten: full-day, child centered, academic: a book for teachers, administrators, practice teachers, teacher aides, and parents PTC/Teaching at Home/j372
Moomaw, Sally More than Magnets : exploring the wonders of science in preschool and kindergarten Educator/j507 Moomaw
Rief, Sandra F. Ready, Start, School! PTC/Teaching/Home/j372.21
Ryan, Bernard Helping Your Child Start School: A Practical Guide for Parents PTC/Teaching/Home/j372

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***List compiled by Cathy Luther and coded by Stefanie Aucoin of the Waltham Public Library***