Books for Fantasy Lovers: Discover the Magic

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Magic Lands

Author Title Call Number
Baum, L. Frank The Wonderful Wizard of OZ jFiction/Fantasy/B
Epstein, Adam & Andrew Jacobson The Familiars jFiction/Fantasy/E
Ibbotson, Eva The Secret of Platform 13 jFiction/Fantasy/I
Jones, Diana Wynne Charmed Life: Bk.1 of Crestomanci Series jPbk/J
Juster, Norman The Phantom Tollbooth jFiction/Fantasy/J
Levine, Gail Carson Ella Enchanted jFiction/Fantasy/L
Lewis, C.S. The Magician's Nephew: Bk.1 of Chronicles of Narnia jFiction/Fantasy/L
Mull, Brandon Beyonders: A World Without Heroes jFiction/Fantasy/M
Pierce, Tamora Sandry's Book: Bk.1 of Circle of Magic Series jFiction/Fantasy/P
Roberts, Katherine Spellfall jFiction/Fantasy/R
Tolkien, J.R.R. The Hobbit jFiction/Fantasy/T
Weatherill, Cat Wild Magic jFiction/Fantasy/W
White. T.H. The Sword in the Stone E Picture Bks/Nonfic

Magical Adventures in the Real World

Burgis, Stephanie Kat, Incorrigible jFiction/B
Dahl, Roald Matilda jFiction/Fantasy/D
Duane, Diane So You Want to be a Wizard jFiction/Fantasy/D
Eager, Edward Half Magic Bk.1 of the Magic Series jPbk/E
Funke, Cornelia Inkheart Internet E-RESOURCE
Lasky, Kathryn Daughters of the Sea: Hannah jFiction/Fantasy/L
Laurie, Victoria The Oracles of Delphi Keep jFiction/Fantasy/L
Nesbit, Edith Five Children and It jM Pbk/N
Scott, Michael The Alchemyst: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel jFiction/Fantasy/S
Selden, George Genie of Sutton Place
Winthrop, Elizabeth The Castle in the Attic
Yolen, Jane The Wizard's Map

Time Travel

Alexander, Lloyd Time Cat: the Remarkable Journeys of Jason and Gareth
Avi Something Upstairs jPbk/A
Bell, Ted Nick of Time jFiction/Fantasy/B
Bellairs, John Trolley to Yesterday jPbk/3rd Carousel
Cooper, Susan Over Sea, Under Stone Bk.1 of The Dark is Rising Series jFiction/Fantasy/C
L'Engle, Madeleine A Wrinkle in Time Bk.1 of the Time Quintet jFiction/SciFi/L
MacGrory, Yvonne Emma and the Ruby Ring jPbk/M
Pearce, Philippa Tom's Midnight Garden jPbk/P
***List compiled by Nancy Rea & Stefanie Aucoin of the Waltham Public Library***