Library photograph

The Waltham Public Library will be a fully-funded community hub, fostering a healthy democratic society by providing a wealth of current informational, educational and recreational resources free of charge to all members of the community. The library will be known throughout the area for its knowledgeable and friendly staff, welcoming and safe environment, accessibility, convenience, current technology and helpful assistance.

The Waltham Public Library provides the city's multi-ethnic, economically diverse population with popular informational, recreational and educational library resources and services. The library staff selects materials in a variety of formats to meet known and anticipated demand, strives to make the community aware of library services and materials, and endeavors to make those resources accessible to all with friendliness and efficiency.

  1. The Library will be adequately staffed. Staff will have the resources, knowledge and skills to provide excellent service to all library users, working in an environment which promotes high levels of performance and productivity.

  2. Waltham patrons will find the library welcoming, safe, clean, accessible, convenient and easy to use, with adequate space for collections, equipment, meetings, displays, quiet reading and study.

  3. Waltham patrons will have access to current technology and assistance in using it.

  4. Waltham patrons will enjoy outstanding print, non-print and digital collections, with sufficient access to popular content, and sufficient subject coverage of high demand topics.

  5. Library staff will improve awareness, use and support of the library through effective outreach, communications, programs and partnerships that reflect community needs and interests.