1. Available study rooms may be reserved for up to 2 hours per day per person. Patrons may stay in the room past two hours only until the room is needed for another patron.
  2. Library staff will make every effort to accommodate preferences for specific study rooms, but reserve the right to change room assignments if necessary.
  3. Rooms may be used on a first-come, first-served basis, when not reserved by tutors. Same-day reservations may be made by phone or in person.
  4. Patrons will not leave library materials or personal belongings unattended in the rooms.
  5. Tutor reservations will be held for 10 minutes past the reserved time, after which the room will be available to others.
  6. Patrons meeting each other for study room use must communicate with each other directly in case of lateness or absence; library employees are unable to act as intermediaries.
  7. General library rules apply in the study rooms.
  8. Occupancy:
    • Rooms 1,2, 3, and 4 can accommodate up to 4 people
    • Room 5 can accommodate up to 2 people.
  9. Patrons may be asked to leave a library card or other identification at the desk.
  10. Patrons will check the room when entering and immediately report any damage at the desk.
  11. Tutor reservations:
    • Taken monthly starting the 20th of the previous month. Each month begins with an empty reservation calendar.
    • Name and phone number are required for a reservation.
    • Reservations will be held for 10 minutes. (See number 5 above)
Approved by the Waltham Public Library Board of Trustees 11.13.2012.

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