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738.1 Ceramics
745.54 Paper Crafts
745.58 Beads
745.592 Toys
745.593 Boxes
745.5942 Jewelry
745.61 Calligraphy
745.73 Stencilling
745.92 Flower Arranging
746 Textile Arts
746.4 Needlework
746.412 Basketry
746.46 Quilting
761 Rubber Stamps

Reference Room Materials
Ref. 745.5 BOY
Crafts Supply Sourcebook - Comprehensive shop-by-mail guide for thousands of crafts materials

IPL -- Arts and Crafts,
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Crafts Ní Things
Vogue Knitting
Vogue Pattern Book

For articles on Crafts, try the online General Reference Center, an index to magazines and newspaper articles. Type in the topic you are looking for (such as "quilting" or "origami"). Some of these articles will be available on screen; some are in magazines here at the library; others can be sent for if you have time to wait a few days. Be sure to print out all of the information about any articles you want help finding.

* Please donít hesitate to ask a Reference Librarian for help. *