Who is Waltham's State Senator?

Senator Michael Barrett (D)

Who are Waltham's representatives in the Massachusetts House of Representatives?
Who are Massachusetts's Representatives in the United States House of Representatives?

Who are Massachusetts's Senators in the United States Senate?
Who is on the City Council?
Where can I find state and federal tax forms and publications?
  •   Massachusetts Department of Revenue
  •   Internal Revenue Service
  •   Some forms and publications can also be obtained from the Reference Desk or in the AV Annex on the Ground Floor during tax season.
Where can I find Massachusetts laws?
  • General Laws of Massachusetts
  • The Massachusetts General Laws Annotated are also available in our reference collection and through an in-library-use-only subscription database from Westlaw.
Where do I vote?

How do I get on the Massachusetts Do Not Call Program list?
How do I stop junk mail, phone calls, and e-mail?
How do I find a local lawyer?
Where can I find used car and truck values?
  •    Kelley Blue Book
  •    NADA Guides
  •    The most recent print editions of the Kelley Blue Book and of the NADA Guides are available at the Reference Desk.
Where can I find information about buying a new or used car?

Where can I find a tutor?
Where can I take a class in English as a Second Language?

Internet and E-mail
Where else, besides the library, can I get access to the Internet?
  • Charles River Public Internet Center

    154 Moody Street
    Monday through Thursday 12-8, Closed Friday - Sunday.

    The public internet center has 22 state-of-the-art computers available for use free of charge on an as available basis. All computers have T-1 access to the Internet. Assistive technologies such as large screen monitors, screen magnification software, and voice recognition software are available upon request.

    • Free Internet and computer access
    • Instructional courses and job training programs.
    • Professional staff available to answer questions and provide assistance
    • One-on-one tutors available

  • The Computer Cafe

    449 Massachusetts Avenue
    Arlington, MA
    Monday through Friday 10 to 5 and Saturday 10 to 4.

    Computers have the Microsoft Office Suite, Acrobat, AOL, Internet Explorer, Netscape and can print to a black & white or color laser printer.

    Basic In-Store PC Rental
    We have PCs in the store available for rent by the hour. All PCs can print to a printer, have high-speed Internet access, Microsoft Office and a number of other useful programs and utilities. There is also a PC with an attached scanner loaded with Adobe and Macromedia programs such as Acrobat, Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver.

    $10.00 per hour with a $3.00 minimum for the first 20 minutes & pro-rated after that.

  • Email Etc.

  • 800 Boylston Street
    Prudential Center
    Monday through Saturday    10-8pm, Sunday    11-6pm

    Full service High Speed Internet Cart. Top of the line machines, Windows XP, Office, IM, AOL, IE, Lap top access, Digital camera uploads (Smartmedia/Sony memory stick/Compact flash), color printing, Scanning, CD burning,
    Web Cam, Zip Drive, Computer help.

Where can I get a free e-mail account?

Where can I volunteer in Waltham or in the Boston area?
Where can I find out what time it is anywhere in the world?
Where can a find out a zip code?
  • United States Postal Service
  • The 2001 National 5-digit Zip Code and Post Office Directory is located in the Reference collection at REF383 NAT.
Where can I find historic stock prices?
Where can I find a public fax?
  • Charles River Public Internet Center - 154 Moody Street, 781-891-9559,
  • The UPS Store - 738 Main St. , 781-893-7411
  • Kinko's - 876B Lexington St., 781-647-7777
Where can I use a scanner?

Local History
Where can I find information on the Waltham Watch Factory?
The library maintains a small collection of materials relating to the Waltham Watch Factory and other watch companies. A list of items in the collection can be gotten by contacting the archivist.

The Baker Library at the Harvard Business School also maintains company records in their Business Manuscripts Collection. To access these materials, call (617) 495-6411.

A Frequently Asked Questions for the Waltham Watch Company has been created by the City of Waltham, Massachusetts Community Home Page.

There is also a Frequently Asked Questions section on our Local History and Genealogy.