Subject Guides: Gardening

Books & Videos You May Borrow
632 & 648.7 Weed & Pest Control
635 Gardening - general
635.0484 Organic Gardening
635.0712 Landscaping
635.1 – 635.67 Vegetables
635.7 Herbs
635.9 Flowers
635.97 Trees & Shrubs

Reference Room Materials
Ref. 635Hortica: A Color Cyclopedia of Garden Flora…
Ref. 635.7 Encyclopedia of Herbs and Their Uses
Ref. 635.9 A to Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants
Ref. 635.9Color Encyclopedia of Garden Plants and Habitats
Ref. 635.9Taylor’s Master Guide to Gardening
Ref. 648.7Common Sense Pest Control


Boston Gardens
Includes events listing, tips, trivia, and featured experts to answer inquiries.

National Gardening Association
Authoritative resource covering almost 5,000 types of plants.

National Gardening Association
United States Department of Agriculture's database that provides standardized information about the vascular plants, mosses, liverworts, hornworts, and lichens of the U.S. and its territories.
Far-reaching site popular for its shopping corner (especially rare plants), landscaping assistance, chat and regional gardening tips.

Magazines & Magazine Articles
Crafts N’ Things
Vogue Knitting
Vogue Pattern Book

For articles on Crafts, try the online General Reference Center, an index to magazines and newspaper articles. Some of these articles will be available on screen; some are in magazines here at the library; others can be sent for if you have time to wait a few days. Be sure to print out all of the information about any articles you want help finding.

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